Providing highest quality efficient and up to date medical services.
Heart Center
SGH - Dubai offers the most comprehensive range of diagnostic equipments and treatment tools including the catheterization laboratory and cardiothoracic surgery
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Laparoscopic Unit
Laparoscopic surgery has been one of the fastest growing areas in recent surgery. Committed to advancing minimally invasive surgery. Read More
Orthopedic Center
Our Orthopedic surgeons offer all types of fractures including spinal, sports injuries (knee surgery, shoulder surgery..) and knee replacement... Read More
Saudi German Hospital Dubai, UAE is considered the most reputed private hospital in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region - a provider of world class multispecialty procedures and treatments through its modern medical technology, experienced and qualified medical doctors, surgeons, and healthcare professionals. As part of its healthcare vision for medical tourism, Saudi German Hospital (SGH) aims to deliver an all-inclusive world class medical care for international patients using a cost effective approach focusing on “quality, care, support and service.”

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2nd Ent Symposium, Wednesday 11 May 2016

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SGH-Dubai offers complete health care packages considering all the family members.

SGH - Dubai covers all the services for Medical Tourism healthcare or cross border tourism.