Dermatology Checkup

We offer treatment for:
Hair Reduction (Nd ; YAG or   Alexandrite Laser)
ü     Upper Lip For Each Session
ü     Upper Lip & Chin
ü     Sideburns (Checks)
ü     Full Face
ü     Full Face & Neck
ü     Underarms
ü     Half Arms and Hands
ü     Full Arms
ü     Bikini Line
ü     Full Bikini
ü     Half Legs
ü     Thighs
ü     Full Legs
ü     Full Back
ü     Full Body (Face, Legs, Arms, Back,Bikini, Under Arms)
ü     Beard Area
ü     Chest Area
ü     Tummy Area
ü     Ears Only
ü     Nape Area

ü     Perfecta Fine Line 0,5 Ml (Each Vial)
ü     Perfecta Derm 1 Ml (Each Vial)
ü     Perfecta Deep Derm 1 Ml (Each Vial)
ü     Perfecta Subskin 3 Ml (Each Vial)

Other Packages are :
ü     Wella shape 2 for body contouring and to treat the cellulite
ü     Mesotherapy for the treatment of hair fall + face problem;
(Rejuvenation, Hyperpigmentation, acne scaring) 
ü     Chemical peeling (Glycolic + Salicylic acid); half of the face
ü     Botox (2 Vials) Hyperhidrosis -  Day case package
ü     Botox (1 Vials) dynamic full face - Day case package

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