Dr. Dragan Savic
Consultant Orthopedics & Trauma

Language Known
English, Serbian


Year of Experience
30 years of experience

Area of Expertise
• Joint Replacement  - primary and revision Arthroplasty of the hip and knee,
segmental (tumor) prosthesis of hip and knee.
• Foot And Ankle Surgery -  deformity, arthrodesis and other.
• Knee & Lower Leg - arthroscopy of the knee, deformity (osteotomy of the femur
and tibia), operative treatment of cartilage disorders.
• Sports Injuries - active treatment with “growing” factors,  stem cells and other.
• REGENARATIVE SURGERY: Using “growing” factors and stem cells in
disorders of articular cartilage, muscle, tendon and ligaments.

Dr. Dragan Savic