Dr. George Issa
Specialist Otolaryngologist
Head of Department


Master Medicine in ENT
German Fachartz, Fellowship in Sinus Surgery

Languages Spoken
English, Arabic, German


11 Years of Experience


Area of Interest
-   Rhinoplasty and nasal septal surgery
-   Endoscopic sinus surgery(FESS) including DCR Operation (endonasal) , CSF leak Treatment
-   Coblation surgery for tonsils,adenoids, nasal turbinates, sleep surgery including  UPPP operation
-   Ear surgery:myringotomy-grommet, tympanoplasty, mastoidectomy.
-   Direct Microlaryngoscopy for diagnostic and treatment purpose( Removal benign and malignant Larynx tumor)
-   Bronchoscopy to remove forging body in children
-   Tumor surgery :
     -   Laryngotomy
     -   Radical neck dissection
     -   Submandibulectomy
     -   Parotid operation
     -   Neck-mass operation
-   Audiology clinic up to date hearing tests for neonate, vertigo tinnitus, hearing aids fitting.
Dr. George Issa