Dr. Kamalesh Pal
Consultant Pediatric Surgeon

Consultant & Associate Professor, University Of Dammam (Saudi Arabia)
Consultant & Associate Professor, Christian Medical College (India)

Languages Spoken
English, Hindi


Area of Interest
Neonatal Surgery
- Esophageal atresia
- Diaphragmatic hernia
- Anorectal malformations
- Duodenal and bowel atresia
- Pyloric Stenosis
- Omphaloceles
- Gastroschisis
- Hernia, Circumcisions, Cystic hygroma.

Pediatric Surgery
- Reflux surgery, Bowel obstruction,Gastrostomy, Thyroglossal cyst, Branchial cyst,
- Thyroid and Parathyroid surgery, Salivary gland Surgery, Splenectomy, pancreactomy
- Hemangioma, Lymphangiomas Hepatobiliary; Biliary atresia, Choledochal cyst,
- Liver cyst and abscess, Gallbladder surgery.

Pediatric Urology
- Undescended testis, hypospadias, posterior urethral valve, pyeloplasty
- Ureteric reflux surgery, exstrophy.

Pediatric Thoracic

- Chest tube, decortication, lung cyst surgery, bronchoscopy foreign body removal.

Pediatric Oncosurgery
- Wilms’ tumor, Neuroblastoma, Hepatoblastoma, Teratoma.

- Appendectomy, cholecystectomy, splenectomy, fundoplication, hernia, undescended testis.

Dr. Kamalesh Pal