Dr. Mridula Dhakad
Specialist Cardiologist


MD(Med), Indian Medical Board Certified
DNB (Cardiology), Fellow Interventional Cardiology, Paris

Languages Spoken
English, Hindi



24 years as Physicians and 15 years as Cardiologist

Area of Interest
Chestpain at rest or exertion / palpitation, Dizziness or fainting spells/ bluish discoloration of lips and nails, Breathlessness/ General Fatigbility more on exertion, Sudden lose of consciousness/ Echo for new born.
-   Coronary Interventions - Radial and femoral
-   CT Coronary Angiography
-   Echocardiography
-   Treadmill test
-   Dobutamine stress echo
-   Stress echo
-   Tissue Doppler Studies
-   Transesophageal Echo
-   24 hour ABP monitoring
-   24 hour holter monitoring
-   Pacemaker

Maridula Dhakad