Dr. Med. Robert  Pflugmacher
Specialist Orthopedician (Spine & Ortho.)
Department of Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery, Germany

Area of Expertise
-   Microscopic and minimally invasive surgery for herniated discs and narrowing
of the spinal canal (spinal stenosis)
-   Implantation of disc prostheses of the cervical and lumbar spine
-   Dynamic, non-fusion stabilization of the lumbar spine
-   Spinal fusion for instability, defective position (e.g. Spondy-lolisthesis,
scoliosis) and inflammation of the spine
-   Stabilization and decompression surgery in rheumatic disease, tumors,
metastases and trauma (fracture, dislocation) of the spine
-   Stabilization and restoration of fractured osteoporotic vertebra using injectable
bone cement (Vertebroplasty, Kyphoplasty)
-   Minimally invasive coagulation of facet joints
-   Scoliosis and other deformities of the spine
-   Pondylitis /Spondylodiscitis


• Member of DGU (German Society of Trauma Surgery)
• Member of DGOU (German Society of Orthopedics and Traumatology)
• Member of BCG (Surgical Society of Berlin)
• Member of NASS (North American Spine Society)
• Member of DGW (German Society of Spinal Surgery)
• Member of AO Spine.