Dr. Sharda Brata Ghosh
Specialist Obstetrician & Gynecologist

MD (India), MIS (Singapore)
Diploma from Germany in Advance Gynecological Endoscopic Surgery.
Masters Certified Course in Reproductive medicine & IVF, UK

Fellowship in minimal access surgery (laparoscopy) from world association of laparoscopic surgeon.

Languages Spoken

English, Hindi


Area of Interest
-   Routine Pregnancy Care (Antenatal, Delivery, Postnatal) & management of high risk pregnancy
-   Prevention and management of Miscarriage
-   Episiotomy & Pelvic floor repair

-   Management of infertility & Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
-   Management of menstrual disorders & sexually transmitted disease
-   Prevention (Vaccination), Screening and management of abnormal PAP smear (CIN) & cancer of the reproductive organs
-   Management of Peri & Postmenopausal disorders
-   Colposcopy /LLETZ/LEEP
-   Diagnostic & Operative Hysteroscopy/ Laparoscopy
-   Laparoscopic management of ectopic pregnancy, ovarian cyst, fibroid uterus (Myomectomy), endometriosis, PCOS
-   Laparotomy (Open): All Major Obstetrics & Gynecological Procedure

Dr. Sharda Brata Ghosh