During The Course of Stay

Our Medical and Nursing staff
Upon arriving at your allotted ward, we will provide the details of your dedicated Nurse(s) or healthcare assistant(s). During shift change, the designated Nurse/Healthcare assistant will introduce themselves, to enable you to know whom to call in case of any queries. Each ward is managed by a Ward Manager, who can be contact at any point of time to address your concerns.

All SGH-Dubai staff carry Identification badge with their Name, Photograph and designation.

A Doctor will be available 24 hours in the ward in case you need any clarification(s).

Your treatment
You will be required to sign a consent form prior to any procedure(s) at our Hospital. This is a legal requirement to help protect your rights and to ensure that you understand the risks and benefits of the procedure(s), as well as any alternatives available. During the course of your stay we may need to take further tests to help in better understanding your medical condition.

If you are not sure about anything related to your treatment, please do ask your Doctor or Nurse.

Room privacy
We provide designated wards (in-patient & out-patient), OPD, accommodation facilities separately for both men and women. We aim to ensure your privacy and dignity is maintained at all times.

Your personal information
On arriving at the hospital, we will gather specific information to ensure appropriate care. This information will be kept confidential and enable us to provide you enhanced care for future treatment at our hospital. As per the UAE healthcare regulation, we require to gather specific information.
As a hospital policy, only staff related to your medical care can access the given information and strictly maintain confidentiality at all times.

Reporting of special cases to Dubai Health Authority
In case of special infectious disease, the hospital will send your details to Dubai Health Authority (i.e.: HIV, Hepatitis B and Tuberculosis)

Time and date of discharge
Planning for your discharge will begin on/before admission. We will discuss your estimated date of discharge, your specific needs and workout a schedule for the same. Most patients go back home when they leave hospital. In case you require community support services, we will get it arranged. We aim to ensure your quick recovery.

For more information please call  +971 4389 0000 / +971 552558053