Before Your Visit

International Patient Services is here to help prepare you for your visit. With so many details to keep in mind, traveling abroad for medical care can seem overwhelming. Below is a step-by-step guide to address what you will need to do before your visit.

Before your visit, we can:
•   We assign personal Patient Service Coordinator who assists you with your appointment scheduling and concierge needs.
•   Schedule medical appointments
•   Confirm airline reservations
•   Arrange hotel or housing in Dubai
•   Provide ground transportation from the airport
•   Secure car rental for your stay
•   Estimate cost of healthcare
•   Assist with financial and billing arrangements

Travel Requirements
Once you have scheduled your appointments and purchased your airline tickets, you will want to make hotel arrangements in Dubai. Your Patient Service Coordinator is happy to assist you. If you prefer to make these arrangements yourself, please note that some local accommodations offer special rates and amenities for Saudi German Hospital patients and their families.

Travel Documents and visa
Because each country has a different process, it is the patient’s responsibility to get the appropriate travel documentation. We will email you a form letter that confirms your appointments at Saudi German Hospital. We are happy to provide a medical itinerary and/or a receipt of payment should you need them for your travel documentation. It is important to let your consulate know that you are coming to the UAE for medical reasons. Give yourself enough time in advance of your trip to obtain your country’s approvals.

UAE Travel Requirements
UAE has guidelines for travel. ( There is valuable information regarding what you need to know before you travel, any special considerations and information regarding medical conditions and disabilities.

•   The UAE does not limit the amount of money you may bring with you, but your home country might. Check your home country’s laws about bringing money into the UAE.
•   Consider traveling with a credit card or cash card. These can be used to purchase items, acquire cash advances, and obtain cash from an ATM.
•   Exchange some of your money into UAE Dirhams before you travel. This will ensure that you have money for
    transportation and food when you first arrive in the UAE.
•   Best exchange rates will usually be at a bank in your home country. Many UAE airports and hotels will exchange cash, but often include extra fees.

Before you travel to Saudi German Hospital, we can provide a written estimate of healthcare costs for self-pay patients and insurance coverage verification for insured patients. Upon arrival, you will be asked to check in at one of our front desks to verify financial arrangements. Prior to services being rendered, self-pay patients will be asked to pay a deposit for services, and insured patients will be asked to pay any applicable co-pays and deductibles Be sure to review your country’s currency laws. Some countries limit the amount of cash you can take from your country. We recommend you notify your credit card companies that you are traveling abroad.

Travel Insurance
You may consider purchasing travel insurance to protect your belongings from theft or damage.

Medical Records
To best treat you, our physicians need to know your medical history. Please obtain all relevant copies of your medical records in English. We then ask that you send them to us in advance of your trip. This gives our medical staff time to review your history. We respect your privacy and will not share your records with anyone outside of Saudi German Hospital without your consent.

Your Patient Services Coordinator will let you know the types of records we will need. It depends on your medical situation. They may include CDs of diagnostic films (X-rays/CT Scans/MRIs) and pathology slides and reports. We will provide you instructions on sending them through a private carrier (UPS, FedEx).

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