Financial Billing Services

International Patient Services is here to assist with your financial and billing arrangements. We work with you to ensure you understand the cost of care.

There are three ways a patient may pay for healthcare services at Saudi German Hospital:

Health insurance: We will work with your insurance company to try and limit your out-of-pocket expenses. The insurance company makes the final decisions, however. To make the process run efficiently, it is important that you know what services your health insurance plan covers. We will gladly assist you in this process. Your insurance company has the final say in which services are covered and which ones are not. When you call to schedule an appointment, please have your insurance card with you. We will ask for the insurance company name and for your policy number.

Self-Pay: You will pay for your healthcare using one of the acceptable forms of payment. If you are a self-paying patient, you will receive an estimate for your medical care prior to your first appointment or admittance to the hospital. All estimates for your procedures and services at Saudi German Hospital are estimates only. The final bill cannot be calculated until after your hospital stay is completed. Quoted prices are based on receiving full payment prior to medical services. Prices include all physician and hospital fees but do not include the cost of incidental charges such as hotel, transportation and phone calls. Please be aware that your hospital bill may vary substantially from the estimate based on any changes in your medical treatment.

Prepayment in full: which may include reserving the applicable amount on your credit card-is required at registration prior to your appointments. In the event that additional treatment is recommended, it may be necessary to arrange for additional payment prior to receiving those services.

Embassy-sponsored: Your embassy will pay for your healthcare services. If you are a government-sponsored patient, you do not need to pay in advance. However, a letter of authorization from the embassy will be required before you can receive treatment.

When you schedule your appointment, we will discuss your payment preference.
Full payment is required before any medical services can be rendered. The following are acceptable forms of payment for Saudi German Hospital:
•   Traveler’s checks
•   Personal checks (drawn from a UAE. bank)
•   Money orders
•   Cash (in Aed)
•   Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, American Express

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Please note that all payments must be made in AED. To discuss financial concerns prior to your visit.

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