Saudi German Hospital Medical Tourism Policy

Medical tourism: Organized travel outside one’s local environment for the maintenance, enhancement, or restoration of an individual’s well-being in mind and body.

Medical tourists: People who purposely travel outside their country of residence to obtain planned medical intervention.

Five Primary Reasons to Travel for Medical Care:
1.   Cost Saving
2.   Quality of Care
3.   Availability of Care
4.   Accessibility of Care
5.   Perception of destination

Vision : To demonstrate and deliver a comprehensive world class medical care for Medical Tourist in a cost effective manner with key focus on quality, care, support and service.

Mission : To promote Medical Tourism by improving the health and wellbeing of the patient with the goal of promoting the highest level of quality of healthcare to patients in a global environment and to be a partner of the government in nation building by being a key player in the global healthcare industry. We are committed to providing highest quality and cost-effective treatment in safe, warm and hospitable environment.

Value proposition : Provide cost effective healthcare solutions to improve the health and wellbeing of the medical tourist with focus on “Duty of Care”

Our Core Values include:
•     Excellence
•     Trust
•     Ethics
•     Honestly
•     Compassion
•     Accountability
•     Competence
•     Integrity

The policy will be reviewed once a year.
Our Accreditation module:
•     JCI
•     Medical Travel Quality Alliance
•     TEMOS

The Marketing Module: Our Focus- A patient centric healthcare facility :
Saudi German Hospital is designed with the vision of a hospital through the patient’s eyes.  By partnering with patients and their families to identify and satisfy the full range of patient needs and preferences while simultaneously supporting the professional and personal aspirations of our staff, we have engage patients in managing their ailment as active participants. We have evaluated various parameters that include patient-centeredness of patients and their families, clinicians and nursing staff, and health systems.

Facility design planning: The T-shaped design planning of hospital, with clear signage and easy accessibility within a wide cover area with ample greenery and flower cover and five star interior finishes, furnishings, and decor with a Zen environment, creates a “home” atmosphere while delivering world class healthcare.  Our “hospitality” trained front office staff make the patient and family feel at home and relaxed. We are certified in International Patient Services by Medical Travel Tourism and in the process of acquiring the Seal of Quality Assurance from MTQUA. The facility is unique as it has a housing complex within the hospital premises for all staff and medical professionals enabling 24x 7 easy accesses to the hospital in case of emergencies to cover all specialties.

For Patient Families: We offer child care services while attending an appointment by provide a safe, nurturing and enjoyable environment for the children in our care; blood donation programs;  visit at any time policy for family and cares; family liaison services for updating patients and families on progress during surgeries and procedures and food services with local and intercontinental options.  Our variety of support programs such as clinical social workers, breast cancer care center are designed to help patients and families cope with medical and daily life situations. Our most recent endeavor in community care is in offering services in smoking cessation and anti-obesity programs, both key health hazards in the UAE.

For Patients: We have care coordinators for organizing appropriate care before, during and after a patient's hospital stay; interfaith spiritual support;  a center of bioethics for support in making decisions about treatment options; continuous educational programs on awareness and disease management, patient rights and responsibilities booklets;  easy but confidential excess to medical records for the patient;  international interpreter and hearing impaired services; inpatient and outpatient nutrition counseling; a comprehensive patient health resource library; patient guide leaflets on medical treatments and disease management; on-line resources through the patient education portal and providing very personalized care based on patient’s race, religious beliefs and ethnicity.

The Office of Patient Advocacy: It serves as the liaison between patients and the hospital in their expressions of praise or concern so that moral, ethical, operational and care standards are upheld on behalf of our patients. We give our patients the care that is right for their illness and to help them to get well as soon as possible. We are committed to maintaining the rights, dignity and well-being of all patients.
Patient Satisfaction:  Our prime focus has been process re-designing;  preventing anxiety for patients and family,  staff ability to communicate their caring while delivering personalized care within clear expectation and our hospital’s culture to deliver quality patient experiences.  Our patient satisfaction through surveys shows our patient satisfaction at 96%, which is an increase of over ten present over past 1 year.

Other amenities: Such as free valet parking; ATM machines; delivery of mail and flowers;  various support stores; various dining options with various grommet selections; access to newspapers and magazines; play area for children and Internet Protocol Televisions at various locations for patient entertainment and internet use. The complete hospital is a Wii-fi free zone. 

Clinicians and nurses: Saudi German is multidisciplinary with super specializations and equipment with the most modern equipment in the industry. We are being accredited by JCI, CAP, MTQUA and TEMOS. Profiles of the clinicians are available on-line and in flyers. We conduct staff training on topics such as best practices and innovations in patient and family centered care. We have created partnerships between our staff and patients for quality and safety; effective communication and collaboration; cross-cultural services; developed peer support and family-to-family support. Our patients and families serve in advisory roles and supportive health care environments. The nurse educators and clinicians are tasked with educating patients about the diagnosis, potential treatment with benefits and risk, alternate treatment available or healthy behavior thus helping patients to be more active in their ailment recognition and management and family involvement. The staff is entrusted with the task of communication on health promotion in hospitals and public forms through conferences, workshops, role plays and monthly newsletters. We invest in training physicians to transform into more mindful, informative, and empathic clinicians. We have case managers assigned to defined number of patients who address quality and care issues. They have standards and incentives for safe, quality and ethical services.

Health systems: It promotes and enables self-management and education and seamless and paperless coordination of care. Regular text messaging services ensure regular reminders to our patient about appointments and any schedule change. We are currently in the process of building a mind -body medicine webpage where a patient can find help if they are experiencing the negative effects of stress and learn how to elicit the relaxation response and view our new line of relaxation CDs.  This includes  building a secure, convenient online access patient gateway 24/7 to check lab and imaging results, communication with doctor,  request appointments, medicines or referrals , set appointment reminders, pay the medical bills, view a brief summary of information from the patient’s last visit  and for browsing a library of trusted health information.

Management approach: The culture of the organization endorses the patient-centered approach with policies, actions, audits and feedback by engaging patient as partners.  Mobile numbers of all executive board members of the hospital are available on display throughout the hospital and available 24x 7 to ensure this commitment.

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