Travel Assistance

International Patient Services Travel Office is a travel concierge service. Our travel concierge services make Saudi German Hospital more than just a healthcare provider. We are committed to making your visit to Saudi German Hospital go as smoothly as possible.

Once you have scheduled your appointments, it is time to arrange for travel to Saudi German Hospital. Although it is usually more economical to book flights from the country of departure, we can assist you with your air travel. We can:
•   Change your flights should you need to extend or shorten your stay
•   Reserve hotels or temporary housing
•   Reserve a rental car, if desired
•   Provide transportation to local places and events

Second Opinions
Patients and families have turned to Saudi German Hospital for quality medical advice and treatment.

My Consult Cost
Service is available for patients free of cost who have already received a first opinion from their physician and would like to confirm that the diagnosis and treatment plan recommended (from the first physician opinion) is the best option.

My Consult Request Process
To request a medical second opinion, you provide all of the information required by our physician/s. Once all of the required medical records are received and found to be complete, your case will be assigned to a physician. Our physician specialist will review and provide a comprehensive report in approximately 10-14 business days (Saturday- Thursday). We recommend that the patient share and discuss the report with his/her family or hometown physician.

Please note that all submissions and medical records pertaining to your medical second opinion must be translated to English prior to being submitted to the Saudi German Hospital office.
When it comes to your health and well-being, confidently understanding your condition and your options is an important step in pursuing what is best for you.

Helpful Recommendations

We recommend that you have all of the necessary medical records and health information available before arrival. Create a secure account with a unique user name and password and enter in your personal information if you are the patient or patient’s requestor.
•     Select your current diagnosis (or the diagnosis of the patient if you are the patient’s requestor) and fill out the online medical history questionnaires.
•     Enter in payment information so you can move to the next step in the process.
•     We will provide you with a checklist of the required materials you will need to send to us in order for our physician/s to provide a comprehensive online second medical opinion report to you.
•     Lastly you will approve and submit your request.

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