Wrist Arthroscopy
Total Hospital Stay: Day Case.


The package includes the following procedure-related costs, examination, tests, procedure-related medications and supplies as required and ordered by the physicians while the patient is admitted:
•   Single Room accommodation for 12 hours (as a Day Case) in the in-patient ward: Room, Nursing service charges, service charges, regular menu food charge for patient only.
•   Doctors’ fees:
      •   Surgeon and assistant surgeon(s)
      •   Anesthesiologist
      •   General practitioner after operation
      •   Physical medicine & rehabilitation doctor
•   Operating room charges: OR and recovery rooms and facilities used and nursing services.
•   Anesthesia: Pre-Anesthetic Drugs , Anesthesia , Medical Gas (Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide)
•   Consumables and Inventory.
•   Procedure-related medications and used during admission only excluding medications for underlying diseases and any complication occurred.
•   Pre-operative clearance with physical examination by: Chest X-ray, blood tests CBC, PT, PTT, bleeding time, FPG, Creatinine (Cr.), Albumin, Electrolytes, HIV, Urine analysis (UA), EKG and CT scan of knee.
•   1 night stay for 1 companion/relative of patient in SGH Dubai guest house.
•   Meal for 1 companions of the patient.
•   Airport Transfers.

Exclusions :
•   Outpatient-visits for consultations, and the tests and exams required for pre-operation clearance by consultants.
•   Charges for in-patient stay in excess of 12 hours. Additional charges for these days including room and other charges will be added to the package price at a normal hospital rates.
•   Medications and treatment for pre-existing or non-procedure related conditions.
•   Charges for other procedures not included in the package.
•   Other charges for radiology, laboratory profiles, pathology studies and medications not related to the procedure.
•   Additional supplies such as walking aide not in the package, high chair and other additional items.
•   Items of personal nature such as phone calls, room services, guest meals, in-room soft drinks.
•   Take home medications and supplies.
•   Follow-up visits.

Patient Eligibility

This package is applicable for elective, uncomplicated patients. Patients with the following conditions are considered to be complex or high risk and will not qualify for the package:
•   Patient with underlying severe medical problems which may affect the surgical process and require additional treatment.
•   Bleeding disorders, HIV infection or other complications.

•   Room upgrades are charged at the difference of the room rates.
•   If the patient’s condition requires additional supplies: a walking aide not item listed in the package, blood transfusion and blood cross match; an additional fee will be charged at the normal hospital rates in effect.

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