Prior To Arrival

Getting to the Hospital
From Sheikh Zayed road, take exit 36 into the tunnel, keep on your right. At the 1st traffic signal take a left turn and you can see the Hospital on your right hand, opposite to the American School of Dubai.

Checking your Admission details
Your admitting Doctor and his/her nurse will inform you the schedule of your admission and if applicable provide you with the details regarding the area/ward you will be admitted to. Should there be a need, the doctor and nurse may ask you to fast for a specific duration. Special instructions i.e. medications to be taken at home or withheld prior to your procedure will be explained in detail.

On the day of Admission
We will be requiring a copy of an Identification Card (Passport/Emirates ID). We will ask you to sign a general consent form explaining what to expect from our hospital. Subsequently, you will choose your room type, make payments and finalize the billing details.

What to bring with you
-    2 sets of night-wear.
-    2 sets of day clothes.
-    Limited amount of money.
-    Books, magazines and crosswords
-    Contact numbers for close relatives.
-    Name and contact details of your home doctor (in case of International Patients)
-    Walking aids (if required)
-    We advise you to carry minimal valuables. If you have any, keep it in the safety locker provided in your room or with the security office (you will be asked to sign a form prior to handing over your valuable to us).

Your Stay at SGH-Dubai
You will be received by the nurse at the assigned ward where you will be admitted. S/he will accompany you to your room, explain you how to utilize the facilities available in your room. The nurse will provide you with the bill of rights and responsibilities in SGH-Dubai.

Your Medicine
When you arrive, kindly inform your respective Nurse/Doctor about any medication you have been prescribed. If you cannot bring your medication with you, we will arrange the same for you. The medical team will review your medications while you are in hospital since they may need to be altered or stopped. We will not stop any prevailing medication without your consent. Your designated Nurse will retain the medication in your assigned medication locker at the nursing station. Upon discharge, your medications will be returned back, should the concerned Doctor approve its use. In case you require a different prescription, it will be provided.

Important telephone numbers in Saudi German Hospital-Dubai

Chief Executive Officer Phone’s Number : 04 3890508
Chief Nursing Officer Phone’s Number : 04 3890130
Patient Relation Phone’s Number : 04 3890109
Customer Relation Phone’s Number : 04 3890190

In case of Emergency

Saudi German Hospital - Dubai is well prepared for emergency evacuation. Each floor has 6 emergency exits and at the 1st floor we have 8 emergency exits. All Exits are identified on the map available in your room. Always wait for staff assistance.
Please don’t use lifts in case of fire. Signs are placed in all levels to guide you to the nearest exit.

Complaints and Compliments
Saudi German Hospital - Dubai values your opinion and feedback. In case you want to lodge any complaint or pen any compliment, please ask the staff to provide you with the feedback form.

Support of Customers with Special Needs
Saudi German Hospital - Dubai has designated special parking areas for Customers with Special Needs, with clear notification signs close to the main entrance ground floor. Throughout the Hospital, toilets for customers with Special Needs are appropriately located. The hospital is well equipped to receive patients with special need for in-patients services, as well.

Wi-Fi and Mobiles
You can use your mobile in the hospital unless you see the sign of prohibition in restricted areas. If you require internet access, kindly contact the staff for login details.

No Smoking Policy
Saudi German Hospital - Dubai is a NON SMOKING facility by law. For smokers, an area outside the hospital is allocated. Your abidance with this rule is a must.

The meal menu is substantial and covers different types of cuisines. You will be provided with 3 meals daily, subject to your respective Doctor`s/Dietician`s instructions.

Visitors Timing
Our visitors’ timings are daily between 10:00 - 22:00 Hrs
On Fridays children are allowed to visit.

Interpreter Services
We provide our customers and patients quality communication services. If you find it difficult to proceed with our system please don’t hesitate to approach the nearest reception and inform that you need guidance whether to translate or any other service.

Things to tell us
•   Do you have any allergies?
•   Are you taking any medication?
•   Do you need someone to deal with your benefits, pensions or allowances?
•   Do you have any valuables that need to be kept safe?
•   Will you miss any outpatient appointments while you are in hospital?
•   Do you need to send a sick leave to your employer?

For more information please call  +971 4389 0000 / +971 552558053