Neurosurgery Department at the Saudi German Hospital is a tertiary care facility provides the full range of contemporary neurosurgical practice. The Neurosurgery Service uses a multidisciplinary approach to provide for the prompt accurate diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with neurological disorders.  Our approach integrates our neurosurgical expertise into multi-disciplinary teams involving multiple specialties to provide a comprehensive strategy to help patients with neurological illness.


-   Brain Aneurysm & AVM
-   Pediatric Neurosurgery
-   Benign intracranial hypertension
-   Brain Tumor, Pituitary Tumor & Spine tumors
-   Head injuries, Spine injuries
-   Spine Center
-   Trigeminal Neuralgia
-   Peripheral Nerve diseases
-   Trauma and Critical Care
-   Herniated discs.
-   Neurosurgical Oncology
-   Spinal cord Compressions
-   Hydrocephalus
-   Sciatic Nerve disorder
-   Carpal, Cubital, Tarsal tunnel Syndromes.
-   Back Pains, Cervical Pains, Headaches
-   Cerebral Hemorrhages
-   Limb Paralysis

Endovascular Neurointervention

Neurosurgical supporting facilities include:

-   3 Tesla MRI machine.
-   MRA Cerebral Angiography
-   Advanced CT Scan.
-   CT cerebral Angiography.
-   Endovascular Neurointervention procedure for treatment of brain Aneurysms, AVM and Tumors.
-   Cranial Sonography.
-   Isotop Brain Mapping.
-   Electrophysiological Study including EEG and NCV for peripheral nerves.
-   Top of the line Zeiss Operative Microscope.
-  The biggest Physiotherapy Department among the private Hospitals contains full Rehabilitation program performed by most experienced physiotherapists.
-   Minimal invasive procedures.
-   Chemotherapy Department with inpatient facilities for brain malignant tumors.
-   Advanced Operative theater with its facilities.

Service Hours
Daily (6 Days / week) -  9:00 am to 9:00 pm

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Neurosurgery Center, Saudi German Hospital, Dubai