Cardiothoracic Department of the Saudi German Hospital in Dubai

The Saudi German Hospitals Group has made its mark in history as an excellent medical healthcare provider especially in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases at different locations. Since its foundation in 1984, it has been the leader of private heart centers in many countries of the Middle East region, and has served as a model for other institutions.

Recently the Saudi German Hospital-Dubai has established the Cardiothoracic Department which is set as a paragon of open heart surgeries for the state of the art medical treatment of cardiovascular diseases at a centralized location. Especially in emergency cases such as Acute Heart Attack or Aortic Dissection, the Cardiothoracic Department is able to offer instant diagnostic cardiac catheterization and other related cardiac surgery procedures 24/7.

We provides all regular and emergency services for cardiac diseases through an experienced surgical team.


- All kinds of CABG
- Valve Replacement
- Bypass operation.(CABG) with heart lung machine
- Bypass operation.(CABG) without heart lung machine (Beating Heart)
- Valve Replacement with biological or mechanical valves
- Valve repair
- Pacemaker Placement
- Pediatric (above 14 years) Cardiac Surgery
- Cardiac Assist Devices
- Aortic Aneurysm Surgery
- Arrhythmia Surgery with implantation of permanent pacemaker (one, two or three chamber), implantation of defibrillator or CRRT
- Aortic Dissection Type A surgery, Maze Procedure, in one word the whole range of Adult Cardiac Surgery operations, including "minimally invasive" procedures that require only 5-inch incisions. In addition to experienced cardiac surgeons and anesthesiologists at Saudi German Hospital in Dubai (SGH), you will be well cared by a collaborative team of cardiac perfusionist, nurses, physician assistants, physiotherapists and social workers.

Service Hours
Daily (6 Days / week) -  9:00 am to 9:00 pm

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Al Barsha 3, Hessa Street 331 West Off Exit 36 Sheikh Zayed Road, Opposite of American School of Dubai,
P.O.Box No.  - 391093, Dubai, UAE

Cardiothoracic Center, SGHDubai