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Welcome to the Pain Management Centre of Saudi German Hospital Dubai, where patient care comes first. We offer a comprehensive range of cutting-edge medical solutions for patients having to suffer from chronic pain problems. We strive utterly to treat the whole person, not just the pain, body part or symptom; addressing each problem that contributes to our patient`s pain and inability to enjoy his/her life to the fullest.

Pain is an awfully multifaceted, uncomfortable, and sometimes poorly understood medical problem that can have intense effects on your physical and mental wellbeing and may change your lifestyle and impact your job, relationships and hamper your day-to-day social interactions. It tells you something may be wrong. It can be steady, throbbing, stabbing, aching, pinching, or pronounced in many other ways. Now and again, it’s just a nuisance, like a mild headache. Nevertheless, it can be debilitating in some occasions.

As a matter of fact, chronic pain can range from mild to severe, is there for quite some time, and is often due to a disease that may necessitate a prolong course of ongoing treatment. In essence, chronic pain invades your life and affects everything you do.

By combining the expertise of an interdisciplinary team of selected specialists trained in the management of chronic pain, the Pain Management Centre at Saudi German Hospital Dubai offers the most advanced, evidence-based, and effective management options presently available.

What Sets Us Apart

Our elite team comprises renowned neurosurgeons, orthopedicians, anesthesiologists, neurologists, psychologists, physical therapists, and nurse practitioners, all collaborating together within a caring, compassionate environment to manage your pain and to design a treatment plan exclusively tailored for your specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be admitted to hospital / will my daily work obligations be disrupted?

The vast majority of patients can be treated on an outpatient basis. Nevertheless, our multidisciplinary Pain Management Centre offers inpatient treatment in case of medical necessity. SGH Dubai is the first medical facility in the region to offer this comprehensive service with the option of hospitalization during course of treatment for chronic pain.

What kind of pain management modalities you offer?

Individualized treatment plans.  The treatment plan developed by the Pain Management team will be specially tailored to your condition and degree of pain, your needs and your personal objectives. Your treatment plan may include a single approach, or a combination of different types of therapies: medical therapies, including both medications and special minimally-invasive procedures; psychological therapies; and rehabilitation therapies.

How soon will I feel better?

It depends on many factors, such as why you are experiencing pain, your amount of pain on the day of management, and how long you’ve been having pain. Most people will notice an improvement in their pain within 3-7 days after treatment.

Service Hours
Daily (6 Days / week) -  9:00 am to 9:00 pm

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Email : info@sghdubai.com

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