Upon Discharge

What we will do?
The medical staff will explain to you about the discharge medications, instructions and provide you a discharge summary letter. We will give you details to settle your Bill or clearance from your insurance provider.

What do you need to do?
You will have to close your Bill prior to leaving the hospital and collect your receipts. In case you kept with us your valuable, kindly collect it before you discharge. A time for your discharge will be informed to you, to allow us clean the room and organize it for the next patient. We thank you in advance for abiding with the discharge time specified to you.

Medication you carried to our hospital and still need will be returned back. If you have been prescribed new medication, you will be given a course to be taken home. Further medication required will be prescribed by your attending Doctor (as and when required). The dosage and medication schedule will be explained before been discharged. Written instructions will be given on the packaging and a medication information sheet will be provided.

Follow-up appointments
If you need a follow-up appointment or further investigations, we will arrange it before you leave or you will receive a call after discharge from the hospital.

Assistance after you leave
If you and/or your Family need any assistance at home, the support services will be arranged before your discharge. If you require equipment at home, arrangements will be done accordingly. A list of support groups available in the country of residence will be provided for you in order to facilitate your care post-discharge.

We expect you to arrange your own transport to your home. However, make sure you inform the ward staff about your relative and/or caregiver`s arrival schedule, to enable us in organizing medication and appointments etc. Hospital transport is for people with special medical assistance only.

For more information please call +971 4 3890000